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Trouble with Kona1: other options?

I am currently using a K1 and have some success but still problems with full harness and most notably foot strap commitment.  I've tried a Hula recently and found it much easier to commit to harness and plane, and even dabble with footstraps.  I am 170lbs and my local sail spot us an inland lake with generally gusty and sometimes shifting winds.  I have Kona 5.8 and 7.4, and Maui TR9 6.6 and 8.4 race sails.  My question is it best to go with the Hula or perhaps a lower volume beginner board such as the JP Funster 180-205L, Starboard Go, or a Bic Techno?  These are boards that are beginner boards but also have some level of performance once I get a more solid harness and footstrap techniques cemented.(?)  The goal is to eventually progress to Formula WSing as this seems to work best at our Midwest (Indianapolis) location.  I would appreciate your thoughts.  Many thanks!  Todd.



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Re: Trouble with Kona1: other options?

The Hula will handle holes in the wind better than any other board. It will outplane all of them as well. But for your weight, you have lots of choices out there.
I like the techno best for other options. The disadvantage is the stupid trim box that limits fin size. the new Technos have now a tuttle box.
I also make a custom board, the Z3 that is exactly what you are looking for Only problem I am am pretty tight on my schedule building some custom sup and Z3 for customers at the moment. Another decent board is the Fanatic Viper.
email me if you decide to buy from me- your's and anyone's business is very much appreciated and helps me keep this forum and our business going.



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