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Welcome to this Forum!!
As you may know I have been a regular at both Gaastra sails and AHD, and sometimes Neil Pryde, Starboard and Maui Sails Forums.
However I feel I can focus in one area where I believe I can make a contribution towards easier sailing, and most importantly bring about safety as a first rule in windsurfing and good fundamentals.

Some of you may have noticed I simply refuse to participate in threads where needless banter and derogatory conversation takes place. By the way, that is not tolerated in this site. I want this Forum to be a healthy exchange of information, and ethical conduct of its members.

With that said you can post and reply if you are a registered member.

Since 1986 I have certified instructors and Instructor Trainers, consulted in management and layout of windsurfing centers around the world. From that experience I have gained a lot of respect for what instructors do and the time they put into learning their craft.

For those who want to visit our website: will take you there.

This site has several facets:
Read First - Is your bird's eye view of the whole forum. It is blocked to posts so as to keep it concise.

Forum - Tech Talk - This is the real Forum . Most of the dialog and discussion will be here. Here you can ask your questions and answer them as well.

News- Events -  A regatta, a get together, seminars, any social activities. Also any people we see fit to introduce to the community as a contributor to betterment of our wellbeing (Doctors, Chiropractors, scientists developing super light colapsible boards, feather filled harnesses or gell grip booms...)

Articles and Tips - This is the area where I will add articles and info that can help my customers or general public. So if you have a "how do I fix this" sort of question, post that topic on the Forum-Tech talk, but you may find a visual article with pictures posted on this articles forum.

Online Instruction - All levels of instruction from the very beginning to the most advanced.
I include in the "public freebies" an advanced self rescue and "transporting your equipment" as a public service, as well as to give you an idea of the detail I put on visuals and diagrams. These online instructionals are for the most part, not subject to replies, again to keep the focus on the instructional content.
Simply look at the bottom of each Forum, if it says it, you can post a topic or a reply.

For the Online Instruction, you must go to our website and pay for the specific lesson you want online, and you will receive access to that lesson, as well as access to the open question/answer area pertaining instruction.
Be sure to take the pre-requisite instruction prior to signing up for more advanced instruction. Rich with Photos and diagrams, this is my dream come true. A place where I have full ability to edit and organize my articles without a 200 word limit to squash content and devoid meaning. No political correcteness here either. Instruction and technique validate themselves on the water, irrespective of commercial pressures.

Instructor Training- An ever evolving segment of this site, it exists for paying instructors who have completed a Level 1 US Sailing course as the minimum pre-requisite. From here I work on the levels 2, 3, 4 and 5. This is the continuing education of instructors worldwide. In my function as Master Instructor Trainer for US Sailing over the last 17 years, I have trained Instructors, Instructor Trainers and managers, consulted
and established schools and resorts worldwide.  It is my goal to establish a progressive system of instruction that does not sucumb to market fads or trends, but is adaptive to all conditions and equipment.

Q&A on Online Instruction- for those registering and paying for my Online Instruction this is where you post your questions and we establish an Alumni forum.

For those who have difficulty in English, I can explain or give feedback in Spanish, French and Portuguese as well.



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Re: Welcome!! Panorama view of our windsurfing site. This is Kelly Park, made world famous due to our School and the Calema Midwinters, one of the largest events worldwide. For more info please visit our website
Here is a 360 degree view of the waterfront location. Out where you see people sailing is chest deep water. Also a collage and panorama of the actual equipment we have. This image will change soon as we are adding new equipment all the time. Coincidentally, Tinho's new tikis, Frances and Jeanne (named afer last year's hurricanes) went up as newly formed Katrina was crossing southern Florida, blessing us with great breezes. Little did we know of the devastation coming to New Orleans and Mississipi , 4 days later is Frances, grinning and protecting our building against future storms. In African culture, this grin is rooted in baboons and other wild animals expressions which many times do not mean a smile at all , but an expression of standing your ground, a warning and display of strength. Frances and Jeanne, are two tikis Tinho carved from the huge trees toppled in 2004 by the hurricanes that crossed Florida. The entire area behind our shop was ground zero for dumping massive quantities of trees and broken limbs, that where converted to mulch by a gigantic 70 foot mulcher (see "Forces of Nature" on our photo gallery) Tinho convinced the machine operator to salvage three huge Oak stumps 3+ feet in diameter by 10 feet. One of the stumps ( Cypress) was later slabbed and 2 " thick tables will be made, and will be called "hurricane furniture"

Another great day at Calema



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